Raising Resilient Children – The Role Of Parents

Two scenarios

Child A –

  • Gives up easily
  • Can’t solve own problems
  • Avoids failure at all cost as it indicates unintelligence
  • Resists challenge
  • Views other’s success as threat

Child B –

  • Is a problem solver
  • Is confident
  • Is successful
  • Is a hard worker
  • Views weakness as a chance for growth
  • Is excited about new challenges and rises up to the occasion

Which scenario would you want for your child? I’m assuming it’s Child B, right? Everything you do now – as a parent – helps guide your child into the future. Which means your sole job is to help build a character who can face any scenario and bounce back from any setback.

We all know how hard life can be, so are you focusing on building the skills your child actually needs, or are you shielding them from the reality of their world by doing everything for them? If your child sees the world as ‘all good all the time’, then the first issue or problem will break them. They need to feel a sense of with the little battles they win so they feel confident to face the big battles at a later stage.

Being resilient is one of the most important skills to own. A resilient child will face any problem with strategy, planning to find a way of overcoming it. Things might change at any second, how will your child adapt? If you are confident that your child can make it on their own, then that’s a good sign. If not, then it’s time to build those skills your child will need to survive any problem. Many companies have failed due to this issue: they couldn’t adapt to change.

When was the last time you used a Kodak Film Camera? This is a very good example about lack of adaptability. As a company they failed to adapt to the detail age we all take for granted now, and went bankrupt How would it be different if they adapted to the needs of the market?

To raise a resilient child, you need to make sure your child finds meaning in pain. The hardest things we go through in life shape who we are. Did you know many people become doctors to heal those who suffer the same disease from which their loved ones died, while others go on to help those going through the same pain. We all want to feel that whatever pain we went through, can be used for good. This will help your child see pain and struggle as a path towards growth. It helps them see how all the hardships they’re going through now will get better in the future, and they will go on.

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