Experience-led Parenting

At Aptamil, we believe that letting toddlers experience the world builds their resilience for the future.

We live in a world that is fast-changing and unpredictable. As parents today, our job is to prepare our children for any type of challenges and experiences that may lay ahead. At Aptamil, we believe that through Experience-led Parenting — allowing your child to learn through experiences — your child can build resilience and develop the coping skills and confidence to adapt to different environments in the future.

What is Experience-led Parenting?

Experience-led Parenting is a form of responsive parenting that involves taking a back seat and reacting to your child’s needs, instead of demanding control in every aspect of your child’s life. An Experience-led Parent is one who allows the child to take the lead while staying observant of his verbal cues and body language, so as to take swift and appropriate action, whenever necessary.

From social and physical, to emotional and creative, resilience is the new growth model – the ability to succeed in a changing world. Experience-led Parenting can benefit your child and help you in building their resilience.

Fewer Behavioral Problems

Young children can be mischievous and defiant at times but some may develop challenging behaviors. However, research has shown that children whose parents are affectionate and responsive to their needs, may grow up with fewer behavioral problems – perhaps due to the warm and trusting relationship between parent and child.

Healthy Growth and Development

Studies in developing countries, have found that attentive parenting may have a large, positive impact on the growth and development of children. As Experience-led Parenting is more responsive, parents can perceive and interpret the child’s needs more accurately, which helps them respond in an appropriate manner, supporting the healthy growth and development of their baby.

Good Social Skills

Developing good social skills helps your child be prepared for healthy relationships and communicate effectively with others in the future. Studies have shown that children of parents who give them the space and time to be curious and explore their surroundings, may be better at socializing and interacting with others in later life.

Enhanced Learning Abilities

Allowing your child to explore the world at his own pace may also help improve his cognitive growth. Children whose parents are responsive in their early years may have an easier time picking up new languages, performing well in school, and even having an increased intelligence quotient (IQ).

We believe that letting your children experience the outside world to the fullest is key to building resilience and overcoming any future challenges.

The importance of good nutrition for toddlers cannot be overstated as it plays an essential role in their healthy growth and development, enabling them to start experiencing the world for themselves. That’s why we’ve developed Aptamil Junior Growing-Up Milk which contains our unique blend of Galacto- and Fructo-oligosaccharides prebiotics (GOS/FOS) to help support your child’s immunity. Given as a part of your toddler’s balanced diet, Aptamil Junior contains prebiotics, iron and vitamins A, C and D which will help your child develop strong body defences and grow resilient to experience the world.

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