Importance of Good Nutrition For Toddlers

From birth to 6 years, a toddler’s growth progresses at a very impressive rate and needs an adapted nutritional intake. Studies show that a good nutritional intake during the first 6 years of a child’s life can have a major impact on the future health of the child.

Toddler growth rate

Early nutrition affects the growth, brain & visual development and immunity. Your child’s immunity is in a rapid development phase at this stage of life and it is important to ensure he gets the right start through the right nutritional support.

It is also a key period for brain development thus the need to provide the child with essential nutrients to support the brain development mainly LCPs that are not found in adult’s milk.

Aptamil Kid with Pronutra not only provides nutrients that help your child’s growing body, but it also contains ingredients that are clinically proven to enhance and boost your child’s immunity. Clinical studies show that the new Aptamil Kid with Pronutra which contains omega-3 fatty acids and specific prebiotic fibers:

  • Significantly reduces the risk of infection among children
  • Has a positive effect on the gut microbiota of children” thus strengthening their immune system

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