Zinc in pregnancy

Zinc has a big role to play in body development and functioning, for both you and your baby. Find out which natural sources of food offer you the highest concentration of Zinc.

The importance of Zinc in pregnancy

The rapid growth of tissue and DNA that’s taking place in your baby’s body cannot take place without a good supply of zinc. Oysters are a great source (as long as they’re cooked) as is turkey. Read more about why zinc is crucial and which foods contain the high levels of zinc that your baby needs for their healthy development.

As pregnancy is a time when your baby is rapidly growing from nothing more than a collection of cells into a little person, getting the recommended 7mg of zinc a day is crucial.

Zinc is essential in the construction of our cells and DNA. It is needed for cell division and tissue growth. A zinc deficiency during pregnancy has been linked to miscarriage, premature delivery and prolonged labour.

Zinc-rich foods

Oysters contain the highest levels of zinc of any food – just one oyster will give you more than the recommended daily amount. However, experts advise against eating raw oysters during pregnancy because of the risk of food poisoning.
Instead, try:

  • Well-cooked oysters and shellfish
  • Zinc-fortified cereals
  • Red meat such as beef as well as poultry, especially turkey
  • Wholegrains, wheat germ, oatmeal and corn
  • Nuts, beans and soya
  • Dairy products and eggs

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