Tips for fussy eating babies

If your baby doesn’t readily try out new foods, don’t get too worked up. It’s normal for babies to be fussy eaters at first. We’ve put together a few tips to help you encourage your baby to eat a variety of foods.

When it comes to food, everyone has their likes and dislikes but babies can sometimes refuse to try anything new, which can be both worrying and frustrating. The key is to try and stay relaxed. It can take up to 15 attempts before a baby accepts a new taste, so be patient and try things gradually. If it doesn’t work one day, just try it again later in the week. Read on for more ideas on how to encourage your baby to eat.

How to encourage your baby to eat a variety of food.

If your baby only sticks to eating a few firm favourites, they will be less able to develop a taste for a more varied and balanced diet, and can easily become a ‘fussy eater’. But try not to worry too much; almost all babies go through a fussy-eating phase. However, it is important to try to get as much variety as possible into their diet, to ensure they get the nutrients they need.

Here are some suggestions on how to encourage your baby to eat a wider variety of foods:

  • Lead by example – try some food yourself and make appreciative noises and expressions, so your baby understands it’s something pleasant
  • Start small – smaller portions are less daunting and you can always offer a bit more if they enjoy it.
  • Offer portions of different tastes, so if they don’t like one thing, they can try something else – but avoid offering their favourite food too frequently.
  • If your baby spits something out, try it again another day – perhaps mixed in with a little of their favourite food. Remember – you’ll probably have to be patient!

If you’re worried that your baby may be a fussy eater, get in touch with our Careline team. Either call us on 800 6458 6262 (UAE)/ +971 4 420 9489 (Other countries) between the hours of 9am and 6pm Saturday to Thursday.

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