There are countless activities to build resilience in your children. These are important now, more than ever before. But these activities are easier than you think and can in fact be a lot of fun for the whole family when at home. All you need for fun and developmental games are objects that are readily available around.

Throw a bunch of different colored pencils into a large, thick, see-through plastic bag that wont break and can be sealed tightly. Place the bag just within reach of your baby. While they’re lying on their stomach, reaching out to touch the bag will strengthen both their arm muscles and neck muscles, as well as being hugely beneficial for sensory development. And at the same time, it’ll help you introduce them to colors.

Gently rub your baby’s body and arms with different fabrics and have them smell different scents. You can strengthen their neural connections by caressing their skin with silk, wool, cotton, and fluffy fabrics. Introduce them to different scents like orange, vanilla, and lavender.

When your baby is able to make sounds, record them and play them back to him/her. Observe how they react to their own sounds. If it stimulates them, record different sounds around the house, like the ringtone of a phone, or music. This exercise will help them distinguish sounds, which will enable them to differentiate different words later on. When the same sounds and word patterns are repeated for babies, they memorize them. The next time they hear the sounds, it will be familiar.

While your baby is lying on their stomach, take two wooden spoons and tap them together to lure the baby to scoot towards you. Increase the sound as they get nearer. In their fifth and sixth months, as your baby is sitting you can give them wooden spoons to make noise with. Make sure you supervise their play. Hearing different rhythms and tones will improve their neural connections.

Place a toy in front of your baby and then hide it. After hiding it, ask “I wonder where it’s gone?” and ask “is it over here, over there?” as you search for it. Watch the baby’s reactions. Watch their development every time you play this game. Will their eyes dart over to the place you hide the toy or will they try to scoot over there?
… And don’t forget, wash your and their hands as recommended by your local health authorities, before and after playing. Avoid any face contacts with the hands as much as possible.

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