Development By Years

Its important to remember that each child is an individual and will develop in different ways and at a different rate, but here is a guide for some of the more universal stages of development, so that you can be best prepared!

3 to 6 years

Your child has now reached their preschool age! Between the age of three to six years old, your little one will become more confident and will move out into the wider world.

They are probably now happy playing with other children, with role games and make-believe scenarios popular because of their active imaginations. By this stage, they should have grown out of any ‘terrible twos’ behaviour, but they will have a heightened sense of what they feel is fair and unfair and may still have the odd tantrum if they perceive an injustice, such as an unequal allocation of toys or sharing of sweets.

Although they can appear confident and demonstrate exuberant and boisterous ‘showing off’ behaviour, the world can still be a daunting place for a four-year-old and they need structure and discipline in order to feel safe. If they have a regular daily routine and pattern to their lives, they will have a firm foundation to continue with their emotional and social development.