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As your child grows up, they must learn to do many different things for themselves. From brushing their teeth and using the potty, to getting along with their siblings and making new friends. Here are some useful articles on how to help your child along this journey.

How To Help Your Child Develop Good Habits

Habits that are developed early on in life tend to have benefits that last a lifetime. Here are a few good parenting tips to keep in mind that can help inculcate some healthy habits in your child.


You are the first and most impactful role model for your child. They learn the most about appropriate behavior from observing you. Being considerate, patient and courteous around them, or in interactions with them, will result in successfully raising polite children.


Physical activity need not be only about sports. Encouraging children to seek out physical activities and reasons to not sit idle helps with their overall development. Be it walking the dog, playing in the park, or even doing household chores like clearing the driveway, getting them into the habit of staying physically active will automatically tune their bodies to be less lethargic in the long run. After all, that is what good parenting is about. Ensuring habits with long-term benefits.


It’s never easy to get kids excited about nutritious food. A simple child psychology technique that has traditionally shown results is to start early. The younger the child is, the more likely he or she is to accept a habit. Encouraging them to eat their greens, enjoy fruit, and avoid junk food from an early age can result in them never developing a craving for unhealthy snacks in the first place.


Good parenting is a balance of being strict and being rewarding. Studies have shown that a reward-based attitude can more effectively encourage young kids to be receptive to requests and make them more likely to listen. It is important to note however that rewarding your child with materialistic things might have negative effects in the future. Making rewards intangible, like offering words of appreciation, physical affection and encouragement, can be more effective. These words of appreciation can also play an influential role in raising polite children.

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