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Aptamil Junior 3 Growing Up Milk

Aptamil Junior 3 is a scientifically advanced nutritious Growing Up milk based on more than 40 years of research in Holland. Aptamil Junior 3 with Pronutra contains a unique blend of Prebiotics, LCPs, Iron, Vitamins A, C, D and other essential nutrients your child needs to boost his immunity, growth, brain and visual development.

Product Features:

  • Growing-up milk for toddlers
  • With Pronutra
  • Suitable for ages 1 to 3 years
  • With Prebiotics, LCPs, Iron, & Vitamins A, C, D
  • Active progression
  • Baby Food Stage: Stage 3

Learn More About The Benefits Of Pronutra

Pronutra is a unique blend of essential nutrients, patented prebiotics, LCPs, iron, and vitamins A, C and D. Aptamil Junior with Pronutra not only provides nutrients that help a toddler’s growing body, but it also contains ingredients that are clinically proven to enhance and help boost your child’s immunity and brain development. It is fortified with prebiotics which:

  • Feed the good bacteria in the intestines thus maintaining intestinal health
  • Benefit the immune system especially that two-thirds of the immune system is found in the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract
  • Significantly reduces the risk of infection among toddlers (1)
  • Has a positive effect on the gut microbiota of toddlers (2), thus inducing a beneficial effect on the immune system.

Test results showed how toddlers who used Aptamil Junior demonstrated a better immune response with significant reduction in risk of infections, even in daycare settings which are optimal environments for transmission of infections.

Useful Articles About Toddler Development

  1. Lee WS, et al. Effect of growing up milk (GUM) containing scGOS/lcFOS/LCPUFA on the occurrence of infections in young children attending day care centers. Abstract presented at 7th World Congress of the World Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases, 2011. Abstract: A-352-0006-00466.
  2. Lachene R, et al. A specific mixture of scGOS/lcGOS and LCPUFA increases faecal bifidobacteria in healthy young children: a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study. Presented at International symposium of Probiotics and Prebiotics in Pediatrics. 2012.