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Aptamil 1 Ready to Drink

Aptamil 1 Ready to Drink has been specifically designed to allow you the freedom and convenience of giving your child his Aptamil 1 formula milk whenever you need to, wherever you need to.
Aptamil 1 Ready to Drink is a scientifically advanced complete infant formula based on more than 40 years of research in Holland. This formula is suitable from birth to 6 months and can be used as a breast-milk substitute or part of combination feeding.
Breast milk is best for babies as it is perfectly balanced to support your baby’s growth and provide a stronger immune system. However, if you are unable to breastfeed, Aptamil 1 Ready to Drink contains a blend of prebiotics, LCPs, Iron, Vitamin A, C, D and other essential nutrients your baby needs for healthy growth, stronger immunity, and optimal cognitive and visual development.
Product Features:

  • Scientifically advanced infant formula milk
  • Helps stronger immunity and brain development
  • Source of iron and vitamins A, C, D
  • Active progression
  • Baby Food Stage: Stage 1, suitable from birth up to 6 months
  • Size: 200mL